Medizan labs Production Department

All types of operations required for the manufacturing of Tablets and Capsules for Human use are performed utilizing individual dedicated lines on a campaign basis with one product at a time on one line. The AHU is totally independent of each other to avoid cross contamination.


1Abro Tablets Ebastine10mg 
2Delort Tablets Desloratadine2.5mg 
3Forazin Tablets Cetirizine HCl10mg 
4Hasty-60 Tablets Fexofenadine Hcl60mg 
5Hasty 120 Tablets Fexofenadine Hcl120mg 
6Hasty Fort Tablets Fexofenadine Hcl180mg 
7Levera Tablets Levocetirizine Hcl05mg 
8Lorata Tablets Loratadine10mg 
9Montezan-5 Tablets Montelukast NA05mg 
10Montezan-10 Tablets Montelukast NA10mg 
11Saint 5mg Tablets Desloratadine05mg 
12Selora Desloratadine05mg 
13Vertimin – 8 Tablet Betahistine HCl08mg 
14Vertimin – 16 Tablet Betahistine HCl16mg 
15Vertimin – 24 Tablet Betahistine HCl24mg 
16Donarin Plus Tablets Domperidone19.10mg 

Analgesics & Muscle Relaxant

17Leeth Tablets Paracetamol 500mg 
18Orozan Tablets Orphenadrine Citrate35mg 
19Skelebenz SR 15mg Capsules Cyclobenzaprine15mg 
20Skelebenz SR 30mg Capsules Cyclobenzaprine30mg 
21Tinex Tablets Tizanidine as HCl 02mg 
22Tinex Tablet 4mgTizanidine04mg 
23Trosal Tablet Paracetamol325mg 


24Axocip-250 Tablets Ciprofloxacin Hcl250mg 
25Axocip-500 Tablets Ciprofloxacin Hcl500mg 
26Axocip 750mg Tablets Ciprofloxacin Hcl750mg 
27Azizan 250 mg Tablets Azithromycon DH250 mg 
28Azizen-250 Capsules Azithromycin DH250mg 
29Azizan 500 mg Tablets Azithromycon DH500mg 
30Caparo Capsules 500mg Ciprofloxacin500mg 
31Clovex-250 Tablets Levofloxacin HH250mg 
32Clovex-500 Tablets Levofloxacin HH500mg 
33Faxim 200 Tablet Rifaximin 200mg 
34Faxim 550 Tablets Rifaximin 550mg 
35Ferigyl 400mg Tablets Metronidazole 400mg 
36Flaxy Tablets Citalopram HBr20mg 
37Foraxin-200 Tablets Ofloxacin200mg 
38Foraxin 400mg Tabs Ofloxacin 40mg 
39Flonor Tablet Norfloxacin400mg 
40Gemix Tablets Gemifloxacin320mg 
41Kleric-250 Tablet Clarithromycin250mg 
42Kleric-500 Tablet Clarithromycin500mg 
43Lexomed-250 Caps Levofloxacin HH250mg 
44Lexomed-500 Caps Levofloxacin HH500mg 
45Levomay-750 Tablets Levofloxacin HH750 mg 
46Lycin Capsules Lincomycin500mg 
47Morax Tablets Moxifloxacin400mg 
48Nosocom 1gm Injection Cefipime Hcl01gm 
49Nosocom 500mg Injection Cefipime Hcl500mg 
50Peflozan-400 Tablet Pefloxacin400mg 
51Rerox 50 mg Dispersible Tablets Roxithromycin 50mg
52Rerox 100 Tablets Roxithromycin100mg 
53Rerox-150 Tablets Roxithromycin150mg 
54Rerox 300 Tablets Roxithromycin300mg 
55Secnizin Tablets Secnidazole500mg 
56Slofin Tablets Sodium Fusidate 250mg 
57Synec 1gm Injection Ceftriaxone Sodium01gm 
58Synec 250mg Injection Ceftriaxone Sodium250mg 
59Synec 500mg Injection Ceftriaxone Sodium500mg 
60Vinco Infusion 100ml Ciprofloxacin200mg/100ml
61Zantum-1gm Injection Cefoperazone500mg 
62Zantum-2gm Injection Cefoperazone01gm 
63Zanxim-100mg Susp Cefixime TH100mg 
64Zanxim-200mg Susp Cefixime TH200mg 
65Zanxim-400mg Capsules Cefixime TH400mg

Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Rheumatics

66Baclof Baclofen10mg 
67Bextrin Tablets Piroxicam BCD20mg 
68Brufizan 600 mg Tablets Ibuprofen600mg
69Ceclo Tables Aceclofenac100mg 
70Coxnec 60 Tablet Etoricoxib60mg 
71Flexten 250 Tablets Mefenamic Acid 250mg 
72Flexten 500 Tablets Mefenamic Acid 500mg 
73Flurbizan-100 Tablets Flurbiprofen BP100mg 
74Flurbizan-50 Tablets Flurbiprofen BP50mg 
75HS- 200 Tablet Hydroxychloroquine200mg 
76Kalixx 100mg Capsules Celecoxib 100mg 
77Ketonic Injection Ketorolac30mg/ml 
78Leenor Plus 8mg Lornoxicam 8mg 
79Leflozan-10 Tablets Leflunomide10mg 
80Leflozan-20 Tablets Leflunomide20mg 
81Melom-7.5mg Tablet Meloxicam7.5mg 
82Melom-15mg Tablet Meloxicam15mg 
83Navidic 50 Tablets Diclofenac Sodium50mg 
84Navidic 75 Tablets Diclofenac Sodium75mg 
85Navidic SR-100 Tablets Diclofenac Sodium100mg 
86Nemix Tablets Nimesulide100mg 
87Nimotide Tablet Nimodipine30mg 
88Pypex Capsules Piroxicam20mg 
89Qrelif Tablets Diclofenac Potassium50mg 
90Dipnec-75 Tablets Diclofenac Potassium75mg 
91Sondic-50mg Diclofenac Sodium50mg 
92Sondic Sr-100 Capsule Diclofenac Sodium100mg 
93Uristat 40mg Tablet Febuxostat40mg 
94Uristat 80mg Tablet Febuxostat80mg 
95Zynap Tablets Naproxen Sodium275mg 
  eq. toNaproxen250mg 
96Tside 4mg Capsules Thiocolchicoside 04mg

Anti Ulcerative

97Cimizan 400mg Tablets Cimizan 400mg Tablets 400mg 
98Esteem-40mg Tablets Esomeprazole Mg40mg 
99Nuloc-20 Capsules Esomeprazole Mg20mg 
100Nuloc -40 Capsules Esomeprazole Mg40mg 
101Nuloc 40mg Injection IV Esomeprazole40mg 
102Femzan-20 Tablets Famotidine20mg 
103Femzan-40 Tablets Famotidine40mg 
104Lanzan Capsules Lansoprazole EC30mg 
105Lansop Tablet 30mg Lansoprazole30mg 
106Lycor-20 Tablets Rabeprazole Sodium20mg 
107Pantil 40 Tablets Pantoprazole Sodium40mg 
108Meslo 800 Tablet Mesalamine800mg 
109Operos Capsules Omeprazole Powder20mg 
  Sodium Bicarbonate1100mg 
110Pantix-40mg Capsules Pantoprazole Sodium40mg 
111Rabixin-20mg Capsule Rabeprazole Sodium20mg 
112Ranizan Tablets Ranitidine as Hcl150mg 
113Reflux 20 Capsules Omeprazole20mg 
114Reflux 40 Capsules Omeprazole40mg 
115Reflux 40mg Injection IV Omeprazole40mg 
116Zopran-20 Tablets Omeprazole BP20mg

Other Gastric Disorders

117Donarin Plus Tablets Domperidone19.10mg 
118Donarin Plus Tablets Domperidone19.10mg 
119Itofi x 50mg Tablets Itopride 50mg 
120Itofi x SR 150mg Tablets Itopride 150mg 
121Mebew-135 Tablet Mebeverine Hcl 135mg 
122Prokin Tablets Domperidone M 12.75mg 
  eq to Domperidone 10mg 
123Vominec 8mg Tablet Ondansetron Hcl8mg 
124Aditil Tablets Diphenoxylate Hcl 2.5mg 
  AtrophineSulphate 25mg


125Diaroz Tablets 2mg Diaroz Tablets 2mg 2mg
126Diaroz-Forte Tablets 4mg Rosiglitazone Maleate 4mg
127Glimex 1mg Tablet Glimepiride1mg
128Glimex 2mg Tablet Glimepiride2mg
129Glimex 3mg TabletGlimepiride3mg
130Glimex 4mg TabletGlimepiride4mg
131Pagzan Tablets 30mgPioglitazone as Hcl 30mg
132Sitazan 50/500mg TabsSitagliptin phophate 50mg
  Metformin Hcl500mg
133Sitazan 50/1000mg TabsSitagliptin phophate 50mg
  Metformin Hcl1000mg
134Vildahigh TabletVildagliptin MS50mg
  Metformin Hcl BP850mg
135Vildahigh TabletVildagliptin MS50mg
  Metformin Hcl BP1000mg

Blood Disorders

136Examax-250 Capsules Tranexamic Acid250mg
137Examax-500 CapsulesTranexamic Acid500mg
138Fenomax 200 capsulesFenofibrate 200mg
139Lopizan TabletsClopidogrel Bisulfate75mg 
140Ricoag 10 TabletRivaroxaban Tablets 10mg
141Ricoag 20 TabletRivaroxaban Tablets 20mg
142Robix TabletsMecobalamine500mg
143Stiloz 100mg TabsCilostazol100mg
144Stiloz 50mg TabsCilostazol50mg
145Irocell InjectionIron Sucrose 20mg
146Selam 400 TabletSevelamer Hydrochloride 400mg 

Nutritional Supplements

147D-Rise InjectionCholecalciferol lactate5.0mg 
148Glucosazan Plus TabletsGlucosamine Sulphate500mg 
149Meoret 10 CapsuleAcitretin Capsules 10mg
150Meoret 25 CapsuleAcitretin Capsules 25mg
151Pimalt TabletsIron ( III ) Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex eq. to Elemental Iron100mg
152Racitam 800mgPiracetam 800mg
153Zantose TabletsIron Hydroxypolymaltose Complex100mg 
  Folic Acid0.35mg

Nutritional Supplements

154Pitamax Tablet 1mgPitavastatin1mg
155Pitamax Tablet 2mgPitavastatin2mg 
156Pitamax Tablet 4mgPitavastatin4mg


160Atohype 10mg CapsulesAtomoxetine 10mg
161Atohype 25mg Atomoxetine 25mg
162Bupion SR 150mg TabletBupropion 150mg
163Buspin 5 TabletBuspirone Hcl5mg
164Buspin 10 TabletBuspirone Hcl10mg
165Cironex 5 TabletsEscitalopram Oxalate eq to Escitalopram5mg
166Cironex 10 TabletsEscitalopram Oxalate eq to Escitalopram10mg
167Cironex 20 TabletsEscitalopram Oxalate eq to Escitalopram20mg
168DiLoft 50SertralinHCl 50mg
169DiLoft 100SertralinHCl 100mg
170Disin ER 50 TabletDesvenlafaxine 50mg
171Disin ER 100 TabletDesvenlafaxine 100mg
172Dumore Capsules 30mgDuloxetine Hydrochloride 30mg
173Dumore Capsules 60mgDuloxetine Hydrochloride 60mg
174Flyn 50mg tablet Fluvoxamine50mg 
175Flyn 100mg tablet Fluvoxamine 100mg
176Mtaz 15mg TabletsMirtazapine 15mg
177Mtaz 30mg TabletsMirtazapine 30mg
178P-Nec 12.5mg TabletsParoxetine Hcl12.5mg
179P-Nec Tablets 20mgParoxetine Hcl20mg
180P-Nec 25mg TabletsParoxetine Hcl25mg
181P-Nec XR 12.5mg tabs Paroxetine Hcl 12.5mg 
182P-Nec XR 25mg tabs Paroxetine Hcl25mg
183Zanzol TabletsFluoxetine20mg

Neuropsychological Agents

184Amilay 50mg tabletsAmisulpride50mg 
185Amilay 100mg tabletsAmisulpride100mg
186Amilay 200mg tablets Amisulpride200mg
187Aripan-10 TabletAripirazole10mg
188Aripan-20 TabletAripirazole20mg
189CellPark TabletsLevodopa 75mg 
  Carbidopa 18.75mg 
  Entacapone 200mg 
190CellPark TabletsLevodopa 150mg 
  Carbidopa 37.50mg 
  Entacapone 200mg 
191CellPark TabletsLevodopa 100mg 
  Carbidopa 25mg 
  Entacapone 200mg 
192CellPark TabletsLevodopa 200mg 
  Carbidopa 50mg 
  Entacapone 200mg 
193Clipin-100 TabletsClozapine100mg
194Clipin-25 TabletsClozapine100mg
195Donresp-1 TabletsRisperidone 1mg
196Donresp-2 TabletsRisperidone 2mg
197Donresp-3 TabletsRisperidone3mg
198Donresp-4 TabletsRisperidone 4mg
199Folan CapsuleOlanzapine 12mg 
  Floxetine 25mg
200Memril 5mg TabletMemantine 5mg
201Memril 10mg TabletMemantine 10mg
202Memril 20mg TabletMemantine 20mg
203Olan-5 TabletsOlanzapine Citrate5mg
204Olan-10 TabletsOlanzapine Citrate10mg
205Pequit-25 TabletsQuetiapine 25mg
206Pequit-100 TabletsQuetiapine 100mg
207Pequit XR 150mg TabletsQuetiapine 150mg
208Pequit XR 200mg TabletsQuetiapine 200mg
209Pequit XR 300mg TabletsQuetiapine 300mg
210Pequit XR 400mg TabletsQuetiapine 400mg
211Ropix 1mg TabletRopinirole 1mg 
212Ropix 2mg TabletRopinirole 2mg 
213Silage-25 TabletsLevosulpiride25mg
214Silage-50 TabletsLevosulpiride 


215Bapen-100 CapsuleGabapentin100mg
216Bapen-300 CapsuleGabapentin300mg
217Bapen-400 CapsuleGabapentin400mg
218Diprate SR 500 TabletDivalproex Sodium 500mg
219Gabapil 50mgPregabalin 50mg
220Gabapil 75mgPregabalin 75mg
221Gabapil 100mgPregabalin 100mg
222Gabapil 150mgPregabalin 150mg
223Gabapil 300mgPregabalin 300mg
224Lalik Tablet 50mgLacosamide 50mg 
225Lalik Tablet 100mgLacosamide 100mg 
226Lalik Tablet 150mgLacosamide 150mg 
227Levenue 250mg TabletLevetiracetam 250mg
228Levenue 500mg TabletLevetiracetam 500mg
229Lemoren 100mg tablets Lamotrigine 100mg 
230Lemoren 50mg tablets Lamotrigine50mg
231Seziril-50 TabletTopiramate50mg
232Seziril-25 TabletTopiramate25mg


233Amlozan-5 TabletsAmlodipineBysylate05mg
234Amlozan-10 TabletsAmlodipineBysylate10mg
235Atecard-50 TabletsAtenolol50mg
236Atecard-100 TabletsAtenolol100mg
237Byso-5 TabletBisoprololFumarate5mg
238Byso-10 TabletBisoprololFumarate10mg
239Maxart-25 TabletsLosartan Potassium25mg
240Maxart-50 TabletsLosartan Potassium50mg
241Maxart Plus TabletsLosartan Potassium50mg 
242Nebifix 5mg TabletNebivolol 5mg 
243Nebifix 10mg TabletNebivolol 10mg 
244Vmed 5/80mg TabletsAmlodipine besylate5mg 
  Valsartan USP 80mg
245Vmed 5/160mg TabletsAmlodipine besylate5mg 
  Valsartan USP 160mg 
246Vmed 10/160mg TabletsAmlodipine besylate10mg
  Valsartan USP 160mg
247Co-Vmed 10/160/12.5mg tablets Amlodipine besylate10mg 
  Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg 
248Co-Vmed 5/160/12.5mg tablets Amlodipine besylate05mg
  Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg

Anti-Fungal & Anti-Viral

249Elcon CapsulesFluconazole 150mg
250Fluzan TabletsOseltamivir Phosphate Oseltamivir75mg
251Fulcover 100mg CapsulesItraconazole100mg
252Lamicart 125mg TabletTerbinafine 125mg
253Lamicart 250mg TabletTerbinafine 250mg
254Tenohigh 300mg TabletTenofovirDisoproxil 300mg 
255Vorimax 200 TabletVoriconazole 200mg


256Lumeart TabletsArtemether20mg 
257Lumeart InjectionArtemether 80mg
258Lumeart DS TabletsArtemether40mg
259Lumeart Fort TabletArtimether+Lumefanitrine 

Ovary Stimulants

260Clopecit TabletsClomiphene Citrate50mg

Renal & Gallbladder Stones

261Phloril 80/80mg tablets Phloroglucinol DH80mg 
  Trimethy Phloroglucinol 80mg
262Urisan-K ER TabletsPotassium Citrate 1080mg
263Ursodil 250 CapsuleUrsodeoxycholic Acid 250mg 
264Ursodil 500 CapsuleUrsodeoxycholic Acid 500mg


265Adonat Tablets 10mgAlendronate Sodium 10mg
266Adonat -70 TabletsAlendronate Sodium 70mg



267Anxol 2mg TabletsDiazepam02mg
268Anxol 5mg TabletsDiazepam05mg
269Anxol 10mg TabletsDiazepam10mg
270Nightus 0.25mg TabletsBromazepam0.25mg
271Nightus 1.5mg TabletsBromazepam1.5mg
272Nightus 3mg TabletsBromazepam03mg
273Alparex 0.25mg TabletsAlprazolam0.25mg
274Alparex 0.5mg TabletsAlprazolam0.5mg
275Alparex 01mg TabletsAlprazolam01mg
276Cleep 0.5mg TabletsClonazepam0.5mg
277Cleep 02mg TabletsClonazepam2mg
278Fenobard 30mgPhenobarbital30mg
279Lopez 01mgLorazepam01mg
280Lopez 02mgLorazepam02mg
281Zleep 10mgZolpidem10mg
283Ritazan 10mgMethlyphenidate10mg
284Ralif MaxIbuprofen400mg

Drugs under DRAP Registration (Sachets )

285Reflux InstaOmeprazol40mg
  Sodium Bicarbonate1680mg
286Montezan SachetMontelukast as Sodium40mg
287StronitStrontium Ranelate02gm
288Carbomax-RPre-Cooked Rice Powder.6mg
  Sodium Citrate0.580gm
  Sodium Chloride0.350gm
  Potassium Chloride0.300gm
289HepacorL-Omithine L-Aspartate3gm
290U-MaxSodium Bicarbonate1.76g
  Sodium Citrate0.63g
  Citric acid0.72g
  Tartaric Acid0.89g
291ElectomaxSodium Chloride2.6gm
  Trisodium Citrate DH2.9gm
  Potassium Chloride1.5gm
  Glucose Anhydrous13.5gm
292DiosmecDioctahedral Smectite 
293ForlayPolyethylene Glycol13.125g
  Sodium Chloride0.3507g
  Sodium Bicarbonate0.1785g
  Potassium Chloride0.0466g

Drugs under DRAP Registration:

294Raminol 0.25mg TabsRoprinol0.25mg
295Gabapil 25mg TabsPregrabaline25mg
296Lamital 25mg TabsLamotrogine25mg
297Folan 6/25mgFluoxitine250mg
298Telzide 40/12.05Telmisartan & Hcl 
299Telmine 5/80mg TabletsAmlodipine usp & Telmisartan 
300Telmine 5/40mg TabletsAmlodipine usp & Telmisartan 
301Naptan 85/500Naproxen NA & Sumatriptan 
302Linocell 600mgLinezolid USP 
303Sitazan PSitagliptin50mg
304Fumide TabletFurosemide40mg
  Amiloride Hcl05mg
306Irorless 500mgDeferasirox500mg
307OlmecellOlmesartan medoxomil20mg
  Amlodipine as besilate05mg
308OlmecellOlmesartan medoxomil20mg
  Amlodipine as besilate10mg
309OlmecellOlmesartan medoxomil40mg
  Amlodipine as besilate10mg
310FinaxFinasteride USP05mg
311BonefixIbandronic Acid as Sodium monohydrate150mg
312Astam inDoxofylline400mg
313IvaroIvabradine Hydrochloride eq. to Ivabradine05mg
314IvaroIvabradine Hydrochloride eq. to Ivabradine7.5mg
315Sital ip DS 50/500 TabsSitagliptin50mg
316Sital ip DS 50/1000 TabsSitagliptin50mg
317Sital ip DS 50/850 TabsSitagliptin50mg