Production Department

All types of operations required for the manufacturing of Tablets and Capsules for Human use are performed utilizing individual dedicated lines on campaign basis with one product at a time on one line. The AHU is totally independent of each other to avoid cross contamination. To fulfill the demand of local and international market our production is well versed with the equipment and people to deliver day to day dispatches.

Quality Control Department

Our QC lab is equipped with all necessary and latest Analytical equipments that are used for the testing of raw, bulk, intermediate and finished Products. The stability studies of products are being carried out as per ICH guidelines. A separate microbiological laboratory has also been established which is well equipped with facilities for microbiological assays, and environmental control.

Quality Assurance Department

We have a Quality Assurance Department which comprises of a team
of pharmacists and is responsible to check and balance the overall efficiency and productivity of plant and products and ensure compliance of cGMP at all levels.

Quality Management System

The company has established Quality Management System ISO
9001. At Medizan Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd. The system and procedures are controlled and implemented for Transparency of work being performed at Medizan labs and regularly monitored through integrated audit system.


ll sorts of validations i.e. Process Validation, Equipment Validation,
Cleaning Validation and Method Validation are being performed as per an approved Master Validation Plan.

Research & Development

At Medizan Laboratories, we strive to identify and develop new, meaningful products that fill significant unmet medical needs of patients. We are actively expanding global R&D capabilities and advancing our clinical pipeline in therapeutic areas that leverage our expertise. Our research and development program currently includes clinical development programs in the areas of sleep and bp diabetes whih are prevailing in Pakistan for new product candidates, line extensions for existing products and the generation of additional clinical data for existing products

SAles & Marketing

he sales and marketing policy has a code of practice that is in line with all rules and regulations of ethical sales and marketing practices. The marketing team carries out regular, intensive, and broad-based training on product knowledge by highly skilled professional trainers. Medizan Labs showed fast growth during last few years and with this trend we will soon be rated among top pharmaceuticals companies InshaAllah.

Our People

We believe “Our people are our biggest asset”. The Medizan`s family comprises of Pharmacists, Chemists and MBA’s joining us with their background from both multinational & renowned national pharmaceutical companies